VIDEO: Ha Sung Woon & MINHYUN Go Wild at BTS' Concert

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 30, 2019

VIDEO: Ha Sung Woon & MINHYUN Go Wild at BTS' Concert
Ha Sung Woon of K-pop boy group HOTSHOT and MINHYUN of boy group NU'EST were spotted at BTS' concert.

On October 29, BTS' final day of its concert tour 'LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF [THE FINAL]' took place at Seoul Olympic Stadium, Seoul.BTS 'LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF [THE FINAL]'Later on this day, Ha Sung Woon shared videos and photos taken at the concert on his Instagram.

The first video was of Ha Sung Woon screaming and wildly dancing to BTS' mega hit track 'FIRE'.

In the next video, Ha Sung Woon and MINHYUN calling out the names of the members of BTS with fans, asking them for an encore.

The photos showed the two stars posing with a smile while watching the concert from the second floor of the stadium.

It seemed like the area was for invitees only, as there were nobody else around them disturbing their good time.Ha Sung WoonAlong with the videos and photos, Ha Sung Woon wrote, "They are such great performers. It was really entertaining. Thank you, BTS!"

He added, "I took a photo with BTS as well, by the way! I know this is random, but can I just say that MINHYUN is so unbelievably good-looking here?"

It certainly appears that they enjoyed BTS' concert to the fullest on this day.Ha Sung Woon(Credit= 'gooreumseng' Instagram, 'bts_bighit' Twitter)

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