BLACKPINK LISA Creates Online Buzz with Her Gorgeous Look

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 30, 2019

BLACKPINK LISA Creates Online Buzz with Her Gorgeous Look
K-pop girl group BLACKPINK's member LISA has created online buzz with her exceptionally gorgeous appearance.

On October 29, LISA was spotted at an opening party held by one Italian jewelry brand at Seoul Wave, Seocho-dong, Seoul.LISAOn this day, LISA put on a fashionable dark blue striped one shoulder blazer dress and pair of pointy black high heels.

She added an elegant touch to her style with some extravagant diamond-studded gold accessories from the brand.

Not only did she look chic, but also look powerful and intense. 

The mixed look matched her so well that everyone at the venue as well as fans online saw their breath being taken away without even realizing it themselves. LISATo make the opening party more special, singer Crush and hip-hop artist ZICO were invited to perform at the event.

During their performance, LISA gently danced to the music in her seat.

At that time, she was seen with a happy smile on her face, demonstrating how much fun she was having.

(Credit= 'cosmopolitankorea' Instagram, SBS funE)

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