Hahn Seohee Reveals a DM Claiming That MONSTA X's SHOWNU Had an Affair with a Married Woman

Oct 31, 2019

Hahn Seohee Reveals a DM Claiming That MONSTA X's SHOWNU Had an Affair with a Married Woman
Former singer trainee Hahn Seohee shared screenshots of a text conversation received from an individual claiming that SHOWNU of K-pop boy group MONSTA X had an affair with his wife.

On October 31, Hahn Seohee shared screenshots of a direct message that her girlfriend Jung Da-eun received from an anonymous man.
Hahn Seohee, Jung Da-eunIn one of the screenshots, the anonymous individual claims that his wife had an affair with SHOWNU.

He wrote, "My wife had an affair with SHOWNU, and the lawyer gave me the same answer (as the one Jung Da-eun received). I personally visited STARSHIP Entertainment (to discuss the matter)."

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Hahn Seohee, SHOWNUThe anonymous person also shared Jung Da-eun a screenshot of a text message that he received from the lawyer, the legal representative of MONSTA X's management agency, STARSHIP Entertainment.

The text message reads as follows:

After confirming with SHOWNU, we learned that SHOWNU had no idea that 'A (the wife)' was married or even had a boyfriend.

If he knew that 'A' had a boyfriend, he would never have become involved with 'A' in the first place; and he also stated that he has no more plans to see 'A' in the future.

SHOWNU has never been in contact with 'A' since her last call early in the morning of September 10.

He stated that he will be like that from this moment forward, and he also does not wish to become involved in your lawsuit against 'A' in any form. 

Please keep the above in mind.
SHOWNUPreviously, Hahn Seohee was involved in drug charges with her ex-boyfriend T.O.P of BIGBANG, and her friend, iKON's former member B.I.

Meanwhile, Hahn Seohee has taken down her Instagram post, while STARSHIP Entertainment have yet to respond to the alleged controversy.

(Credit= 'hxxsxxhee' Instagram, STARSHIP Entertainment)