Park Shin Hye to Donate Profits from Her Upcoming Fan Meeting

By  Lee Narin  | Oct 31, 2019

Park Shin Hye to Donate Profits from Her Upcoming Fan Meeting
Actress Park Shin Hye is planning on donating profits from her upcoming fan meeting.

On October 30, Park Shin Hye's management agency SALT Entertainment announced that there will be Park Shin Hye's fan meeting titled 'Voice of Angel' in December.Park Shin HyeAt the fan meeting, Park Shin Hye is going to perform some songs, talk to fans about the works she has done so far and play fun games together.

Park Shin Hye is said to be actively participating in the overall planning and production of her fan meeting.

The agency stated, "Through this fan meeting, Park Shin Hye hopes to create a special memory with her fans. She is preparing hard for it."Park Shin HyeIt was also revealed that profits from the fan meeting will be donated to 'Starlight Angel Project'.

'Starlight Angel Project' is an ongoing joint project that Park Shin Hye and her agency have started together a while ago.

The money will contribute to supporting domestic and foreign children so as not to suffer from hunger and malnutrition.

Not only are fans excited for the entertainment ahead, but they are also touched by her loving and caring heart.Park Shin Hye'Voice of Angel' is scheduled to take place on December 8 at YES24 Live Hall.

(Credit= SALT Entertainment, 'ssinz7' Instagram)

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