Former MONSTA X WONHO Reportedly Under Police Investigation for Smoking Marijuana

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 1, 2019

Former MONSTA X WONHO Reportedly Under Police Investigation for Smoking Marijuana
WONHO, formerly of K-pop boy group MONSTA X, is reportedly under police investigation for smoking marijuana in 2013.

On November 1, news outlet Dispatch released a report on WONHO, which started with their recent interview with reality television star Jung Da-eun.

Jung Da-eun told Dispatch, "This was in October 2013. I was hanging out at a coffee shop with WONHO one day. At the coffee shop, he showed me something out of his pocket and quickly put it back in. Then, he asked me if I had ever smoked that before. It was a bag of marijuana. I asked him where he got it from, but he wouldn't tell me. Anyway, we went over to my place and smoked it in the living room together. Yes, I smoked it, too."Jung Da-eunJung Da-eun continued, "But what I had not realize was that there was someone in one of the rooms at my place which I was using as a dressing room. Earlier that day, my friend called me to ask if I could lend him this designer belt that I owned. I told him what the code for my digital lock was and said he could go and get it himself at any time."

She added, "While we were smoking it, WONHO received a call from someone and went to pick it up outside. That was when my friend came out of the room and asked if we were smoking marijuana. He also asked me who 'Ho-seok' (WONHO's real name) was. I told him that Ho-seok was a K-pop trainee and asked if he could just pretend that he didn't see anything. He said, 'Alright.', then left."Jung Da-eunTo find out more about it, Dispatch went to see this friend of Jung Da-eun early October.

Her friend 'Cho' was serving his time in one jail in Seoul for using illicit drugs, including marijuana, ecstasy, methamphetamine and ketamine at the club 'Burning Sun'.

When asked if he recalled the incident that Jung Da-eun was referring to, Cho replied, "Yes, I do. Da-eun and a guy came into the house when I was looking for Da-eun's belt in the dressing room. Da-eun called him 'Ho-seok'."

He went on, "I was able to hear their conversation from the room. They talked about marijuana for some time, then I heard them coughing. Soon enough, the smell of marijuana entered the room. I went out of the room right after hearing the guy going outside."WONHOThen, Dispatch found out the police had already started investigating WONHO after Cho had given them the information that was supported by Jung Da-eun's statement.

The police concluded that they were highly likely to be telling the truth, as Cho and Jung Da-eun were locked up in different jail at that time, but gave them exactly the same description of the incident.

In the end of September, the police waited for WONHO's arrival at Incheon International Airport who was flying in from Frankfurt, Germany, where MONSTA X was invited to perform at a music festival.

When WONHO arrived at the airport, they took a small amount of his hair, and later tested them for illicit drug use.

Dispatch revealed that the police would not let them know the result of the hair follicle drug test, and only repeatedly told them that everything was still being investigated.WONHOMeanwhile, WONHO left MONSTA X on October 31 following his recent controversies.

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