Hahn Seohee & Jung Da-eun Fire Back at WONHO and His Fans

Nov 1, 2019

Hahn Seohee & Jung Da-eun Fire Back at WONHO and His Fans
Former singer trainee Hahn Seohee and her girlfriend reality star Jung Da-eun fired back at MONSTA X's former member WONHO and his fans who blame her for his departure from the group.

On October 31, WONHO left MONSTA X after his past wrongdoings come to light.
WONHOFollowing MONSTA X's management agency STARSHIP Entertainment's official statement announcing his departure, Hahn Seohee and Jung Da-eun both updated their Instagram accounts.
Hahn Seohee, Jung Da-eun, WONHOHahn Seohee wrote on her Instagram, "Hey, you (WONHO)! Even if you're going to leave, you still need to pay our Da-eun back before you go. Hand over the money you bastard!", hinting that he still has not paid back the amount he allegedly owes Jung.
Hahn Seohee, Jung Da-eun, WONHOJung Da-eun also took her Instagram to fire back at the fans who blame her for WONHO leaving MONSTA X.

Jung Da-eun wrote, "His (WONHO's) life was already destroyed by himself way long ago. Please shut up if you are not going to pay me back for him."
WONHOMeanwhile, it has been newly reported that WONHO is currently under police investigation for purchasing/smoking marijuana in 2013 with Jung Da-eun at her home.

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