VIDEO: IU Fails to Get a Ticket to Her Own Concert?

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 1, 2019

VIDEO: IU Fails to Get a Ticket to Her Own Concert?
K-pop artist IU became tremendously disappointed as she failed to get a ticket to her own concert.

On October 31, IU shared a new video on her official YouTube channel.

The video was of IU sitting in front of a computer trying to get a ticket to her own concert 'Love, Poem'.

From minutes before the tickets went on sale, IU nervously sat on her seat.IUJust as when the clock turned 8PM, she clicked on the website, but it completely froze.

IU panicked and continuously clicked the refresh button.

When the website started working again, she was finally able to click the 'buy' button.

However, she was thrown to the back of a waiting line and it told her that she was 30,356th in the line, making her surprised.IUSo, IU decided to close the window and clicked on the button again.

Then this time, she was placed 49,484th in the line and the website told her that the waiting time was an hour and eight minutes.

In response to this baffling situation, IU shook her head and said, "I can't believe it. They want me to wait for an hour? An hour?!"

She continued, "Do they seriously just expect me to wait here like this for an hour? I can't even see how many seats are left or which of them are left? This is ridiculous."

Then, IU playfully commented, "I'm going home now. I guess I can't go to IU's concert this year. Well, this is very frustrating."

Her cute and funny response made many fans laugh.

Meanwhile, IU is planned to kick off her concert tour 'Love, Poem' with a show in Gwangju on November 2 and 3.

(Credit= '이지금 [IU Official]' YouTube, 'iu.loen' Facebook)

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