VIDEO: Fans Think SM Entertainment Is Making LUCAS Overwork

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 1, 2019

VIDEO: Fans Think SM Entertainment Is Making LUCAS Overwork
Many fans are worried about K-pop boy group WayV/Super M's member LUCAS after seeing him unable to stand and walk well.

Recently, LUCAS guested on one television show in China.

Following the shooting, LUCAS was spotted not being able to stand and walk properly on his own.

It seemed like he was in great pain, because he kept on taking a short break between his walk.

In the end, he was supported by the other guests of the show to a resting area.LUCASLUCASAfter seeing this, not only did fans become concerned about LUCAS' health, but also became furious about the way his management agency SM Entertainment was treating him.

Lately, LUCAS had been busily going back and forth from Korea to China for WayV promotions and to the United States for SuperM promotions with almost no rest.

Fans believe that SM Entertainment is making him work way too much.

Currently, fans are demanding SM Entertainment to give LUCAS enough rest and just overall take better care of him and their artists.
(Credit= Online Community, 'WayV.official' Facebook)

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