By  Lee Narin  | Nov 1, 2019

K-pop boy group PENTAGON's member WOOSEOK revealed a funny reason why he often gets mistaken as a married man.

Recently, WOOSEOK's special ASMR interview was unveiled online.WOOSEOKDuring the interview, WOOSEOK shared one hilarious story that made fans burst out laughing.

Before he started the talk, WOOSEOK showed his phone case to the camera, which featured a photo of him when he was a baby.

WOOSEOK said, "So, I go to this hospital sometimes. Whenever I visit the hospital, there is always at least one person asking me if I am married."

With an awkward smile, he continued, "They ask me that because they think the baby on the phone case is my son. It's not! It's me, everyone!"WOOSEOKFans found this story really amusing, because he is still very young and people thought he was a father already.

WOOSEOK is maknae (the youngest of the group) of PENTAGON, who is only 21 years old.

Under this video, they left comments such as, "What? A father you say? He is a baby himself, man!", "Why do I find this so funny? I honestly can't stop laughing.", "The phone case though! If I hadn't known him, then I might think that baby WOOSEOK there was his son as well." and so on.WOOSEOK(Credit= 'M2' YouTube)

(SBS Star)