Lee Dong Wook to Host SBS' New Talk Show by Himself

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 4, 2019

Lee Dong Wook to Host SBS' New Talk Show by Himself
Actor Lee Dong Wook will be hosting an upcoming talk show all by himself.

On November 3, Lee Dong Wook's management agency KING KONG by STARSHIP Entertainment made an announcement.
Lee Dong WookThe agency said, "There will be a new talk show on SBS that is going to be led by Lee Dong Wook. He will be the only host for the show."

They continued, "For a long time, Lee Dong Wook has expressed his desire to host a talk show. Through this show titled 'Because Lee Dong Wook Wants to Talk' (literal translation), he intends to show some different sides of himself."

They added, "'Because Lee Dong Wook Wants to Talk' is set to be unveiled on December 4. Please give our actor your full support."Lee Dong WookEarlier this year, Lee Dong Wook hosted Mnet's survival audition show 'Produce X 101' and was praised to the skies for his excellent hosting skills.

Many are looking forward to seeing him as a host again.Lee Dong WookMeanwhile, Lee Dong Wook successfully wrapped up his 20th debut anniversary fan meeting 'I'M WOOK' last weekend.

(Credit= KING KONG by STARSHIP Entertainment)

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