Hahn Seohee Shares Her Past Experience of Being a K-pop Trainee

Nov 5, 2019

Hahn Seohee Shares Her Past Experience of Being a K-pop Trainee
Former singer trainee Hahn Seohee, who is mostly known for her drug scandal with her ex-boyfriend T.O.P of BIGBANG, revealed her past experience of being a K-pop trainee.

Recently, Hahn Seohee held a text Q&A session for the followers on her Instagram.

One follower asked Hahn Seohee, "Seohee, any TMI during your trainee days at PLEDIS Entertainment?"
Hahn SeoheeTo this, Hahn Seohee replied, "PLEDIS' dance classes could sometimes be up to four hours a day. We had to have permission from our dance teacher even to drink water."

She continued, "PLEDIS was indeed a tough place. We practiced from 10AM to 10PM. We practiced on Sundays, too. If I remember correctly, we started around noon on Sundays, though."
Hahn SeoheeHahn Seohee went on, "If we were seen dosing off or using our phones (during practice sessions), the rookie development manager would see us through CCTVs and come into our practice rooms. We really had to have this skill to sleep without getting caught. After practice, we had to take a picture of a clock and send the time to our group chat. That's my TMI."
Hahn Seohee, Jung Da-eunMeanwhile, Hahn Seohee is currently dating variety star Jung Da-eun, who exposed MONSTA X's former member WONHO's past wrongdoings which eventually led to his departure from the group.

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