VIDEO: MONSTA X Shows the Deepest Gratitude to Fans After Winning on 'The Show'

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 6, 2019

VIDEO: MONSTA X Shows the Deepest Gratitude to Fans After Winning on 'The Show'
K-pop boy group MONSTA X won on 'The Show' yesterday and expressed the deepest gratitude to fans.

Last week, the members of MONSTA X had the toughest week of their post-debut lives; WONHO suddenly departed from the group after reality television star Jung Da-eun exposed his past wrongdoings, and their management agency also terminated their contract with him.

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MONSTA XNot only that, but also SHOWNU was accused of having an affair with a married woman, and some nude photos claiming to be him went around online as well.

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▶ [SBS Star] Manipulated Photos of MONSTA X SHOWNU Circulating Online; Agency RespondsMONSTA XDespite the difficulties, they had to quickly adjust to the new environment and carry on promoting their new track 'FOLLOW'.

They practiced the newly-arranged song and choreography day and night, and managed to flawlessly perform on every music show even without WONHO.

Then on November 5, MONSTA X won first place with 'FOLLOW' on SBS MTV's music show 'The Show'―the group's first win since making a comeback on October 28.

After hearing the announcement by the hosts, MINHYUK said, "Winning first place always gives us such happy feelings. We will make sure to return this happiness to MONBEBE (the name of MONSTA X's fandom). Thank you so much."MONSTA XJOOHEON resumed delivering the acceptance speech, "First, I want to thank all MONBEBE who are here or not here with us right at this moment. We cannot thank you enough for everything you've done for us."

He went on, "I also really would like to say this. We will bounce back, we will. Please keep supporting us. Thank you."MONSTA XInstead of singing the song during the encore, the six members of MONSTA X put their arms around each other's shoulders and shouted, "We did it!"

They continued to thank MONBEBE and promised them that they were going to keep doing their best as well.

Before leaving the stage, they bowed to their fans by completely kneeling down on the stage to show their heartfelt gratitude.

Upon seeing this, all MONBEBE across the globe became emotional, and had to wipe tears off their cheeks.

(Credit= 'The K-POP' YouTube, STARSHIP Entertainment, SBS Inkigayo/The Show)

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