Choi Jin Hyuk Describes the Type of Girls He Likes

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 6, 2019

Choi Jin Hyuk Describes the Type of Girls He Likes
Actor Choi Jin Hyuk revealed what type of girls he likes to date.

On November 6, a production team of JTBC's talk show 'Let's Eat Dinner Together' disclosed what Choi Jin Hyuk said in the recent shooting.Choi Jin HyukAccording to the production team, the recent shooting of 'Let's Eat Dinner Together' took place in a quiet town in the countryside.

While walking around the town with the hosts, Choi Jin Hyuk shared that he was in fact a country boy.

Choi Jin Hyuk said, "My family runs a fish farm in Heuksan Island. When I was young, I envied the son of a butcher's shop so much."

Then, one of the hosts Lee Sang-min commented, "Jin Hyuk doesn't eat fish, because he's had too much of it during his childhood."

With a grin, Choi Jin Hyuk added, "Yeah. So, I like girls who enjoy eating meat as well."Choi Jin HyukThe hosts burst out laughing and curiously asked his relationship status.

Choi Jin Hyuk laughed and answered, "You know, I really would love to have a girlfriend right now. I honestly would love to meet someone."

He continued, "My heart is wide open. I'm just waiting for somebody to come in. Anybody, please?"Choi Jin Hyuk(Credit= 'real_jinhyuk' Instagram, SBS The Last Empress)

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