VIDEO: Byul & HAHA Unveil the Face of Their Son Who Looks Just Like HAHA

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 7, 2019

VIDEO: Byul & HAHA Unveil the Face of Their Son Who Looks Just Like HAHA
Singer Byul and hip-hop artist HAHA unveiled the face of their first son Dream for the very first time.

On November 5, Byul uploaded a travel vlog on her YouTube, which showed her recent trip to Singapore with HAHA and Dream.

While having breakfast at their hotel, HAHA asked Byul, "Are you planning on showing the face of Dream through your YouTube videos? I'm totally okay with it, by the way."

Byul answered, "I'm not too sure, actually. I'm still thinking about it."ByulThen, she asked Dream, "What do you think, Dream? Do you want to be shown?"

Dream answered, "Well, I have a cute face, so it will help you get more subscribers."

His unexpected answer made Byul and HAHA burst into laughter, and they could not stop laughing for ages.

During the trip, Dream kept trying to get in the frame every time Byul or HAHA turned the camera on.

It seemed as if Dream was not camera-shy like his parents.ByulDream was born in 2013―about a year after Byul and HAHA's marriage, but his face has never been revealed before.

Upon seeing his face on this vlog, Byul's YouTube subscribers could not help themselves but to continuously talk about how much Dream looked like HAHA.

Dream indeed had a cute face that they are hoping to see more of him in Byul's future videos.

(Credit= 'quanhaha79' Instagram, '별이 빛나는 튜브' YouTube)

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