Park Min Young Explains Why She Was Happy When Lee Seung Gi Joined 'BUSTED 2'

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 8, 2019

Park Min Young Explains Why She Was Happy When Lee Seung Gi Joined 'BUSTED 2'
Actress Park Min Young shared why she was thrilled when singer Lee Seung Gi joined 'BUSTED 2'.

On November 8, a press conference for Netflix's upcoming crime-solving variety show 'BUSTED 2' took place at CGV Apgujeong, Seoul.

All six cast members―entertainer Yu Jae Seok, singer Kim Jong-min, Lee Seung Gi, Park Min Young, K-pop boy group EXO's SEHUN and K-pop girl group gugudan's SEJEONG attended the press conference. BUSTED 2 cast membersAt the press conference, reporters asked them how they felt about having Lee Seung Gi on the team this season instead of actor Lee Kwang Soo.

Park Min Young answered, "It was actually really nice. I mean, it was cool to have Kwang Soo with us as well, but I just liked the fact that someone around my age had joined our team."BUSTED 2 cast membersThe actress continued, "Yu Jae Seok and Kim Jong-min are around the same age, and SEHUN and SEJEONG are around the same age. It may not seem like it, but I'm a lot older than SEHUN and SEJEONG. I no longer felt left out after Seung Gi joined us. I was so delighted."

She added, "I've met him several times at awards ceremonies in the past, but was able to became close to him through 'BUSTED 2'."BUSTED 2 cast membersMeanwhile, the first episode of 'BUSTED 2' is set to be released on November 8.

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