The Hammington Family Celebrates Bentley's 2nd Birthday

Nov 8, 2019

The Hammington Family Celebrates Bentley's 2nd Birthday
Entertainer Sam Hammington's second son Bentley welcomed his second birthday.

On November 8, the Hammington family updated Bentley's Instagram account with adorable photos and videos of the family celebrating Bentley's second birthday.

The first post was a video of the family blowing out the candles on Bentley's birthday cake with the caption that reads, "Good morning! Today is my birthday. Many people sent lots of birthday wishes and gifts, so my mother said she will post lots of photos all day. Please look forward to it. Thank you!"

Along with the video, the family shared more photos of Bentley that were taken when he was just a tiny little newborn baby.
Bentley HammingtonBentley HammingtonBentley HammingtonSam Hammington's two adorable sons, William and Bentley, are currently starring on KBS' reality show 'The Return of Superman', receiving nationwide love and support from the viewers.

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