CL & YG Entertainment Decide to Part Ways in the End

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 8, 2019

CL & YG Entertainment Decide to Part Ways in the End
Disbanded K-pop girl group 2NE1's leader CL and her management agency YG Entertainment decided to part ways with each other.

On November 7, news outlet Sports Today reported that CL is leaving YG Entertainment.

The report stated that the two parties failed to agree on terms and conditions of their new contract.

A couple of hours later, however, YG Entertainment denied her departure from the agency.

They said that they were actually in the process of negotiating terms and conditions of a contract.CLIn the afternoon of November 8, YG Entertainment released an official statement regarding their contract with CL.

The statement suggested that they could not reach an agreement after all.

The agency said, "Today, CL and us have agreed to end our journey here. Please continue giving CL as much support as you can. Based on our trust, we'll undoubtedly be keep supporting her as well."CLCL started training at YG Entertainment in 2006 and made debut as the leader of 2NE1 three years later.

Following 2NE1's disbandment in 2016, CL went solo and also debuted as an actress in the United States.
CLAfter the news broke, many fans around the world have wished CL good luck for the next chapter in her life.

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