Mnet Talks About the Future Plans for IZ*ONE & X1

Nov 11, 2019

Mnet Talks About the Future Plans for IZ*ONE & X1
Mnet has shared their words regarding project groups IZ*ONE and X1's future promotions.

On November 11, Newsen reported that Mnet is currently in the process of discussing the future of IZ*ONE and X1.
IZ*ONEX1A source from Mnet told Newsen, "Due to the gravity of the matter, it is true that we are discussing the future promotions of IZ*ONE and X1 at various angles. However, nothing has been confirmed regarding the possibility of disbandment."

The source added, "Since the investigation is still underway, we are currently waiting for the police report."
IZ*ONEX1The main producer Ahn, who took part in all four seasons of the 'Produce' series, admitted to manipulating the final rankings of 'Produce 48' and 'Produce X 101'.

Agencies of IZ*ONE and X1, the final groups of 'Produce 48' and 'Produce X 101', stated that they will be releasing their official statements after confirming the groups' future plans.

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