Park Seo Jun Leaves Cute Comments Under Woo Do Hwan's Photos

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 12, 2019

Park Seo Jun Leaves Cute Comments Under Woo Do Hwan's Photos
Actor Park Seo Jun left cute comments under actor Woo Do Hwan's photos with a new hairstyle.

On November 10, Woo Do Hwan updated his Instagram with three new photos of himself.

The photos were of Woo Do Hwan with a completely new hairstyle―from medium length hair to crew cut.

▶ [SBS Star] Woo Do Hwan Adds More Sexiness to Himself as He Grows His Hair OutWoo Do HwanWoo Do HwanNot long after Woo Do Hwan posted these photos, Park Seo Jun came along and commented on the changes in his hairstyle, "Oh, your hair is finally...!"

In response to Park Seo Jun's comment, Woo Do Hwan said, "This hair makes me a little cold though."

Then, a few minutes later, Park Seo Jun replied, "You know, my hair is a lot colder than yours."Park Seo Jun and Woo Do HwanPreviously, it was revealed that Park Seo Jun changed his hairstyle to short hair with straight bangs for a drama that he was shooting.

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The two stars are known to have become close to each other after starring in a recent movie 'The Divine Fury' together.

Their adorable friendship and interaction are making a lot of fans smile.

(Credit= 'wdohwan' Instagram, '레코드박스 Record PARK's' YouTube)

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