2AM Jeong Jinwoon & 9MUSES Gyeong Ree Reportedly Dating

Nov 13, 2019

2AM Jeong Jinwoon & 9MUSES Gyeong Ree Reportedly Dating
Jeong Jinwoon of K-pop boy group 2AM and Gyeong Ree of K-pop girl group 9MUSES are reportedly dating.

On November 13, SBS funE reported that Jeong Jinwoon and Gyeong Ree have been dating for two years since 2017.
Jeong Jinwoon, Gyeong ReeMultiple industry insiders claimed that they have been dating for the past two years since 2017, the year when they released a special Christmas song 'White Christmas' together.
Jeong Jinwoon, Gyeong ReeJeong Jinwoon and Gyeong Ree also previously worked together as hosts of one TV program and showed off their great chemistry.

One insider revealed that whenever Jeong Jinwoon takes days off from his mandatory military service, the two were frequently seen enjoying public dates without paying much attention to their surroundings.
Jeong Jinwoon, Gyeong ReeJeong Jinwoon, Gyeong ReeJeong Jinwoon enlisted in the military as an active-duty soldier in March, and he is currently serving his duty as a member of the military band.

(Credit= SBS funE, Star Empire, Mystic Entertainment) 

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