VIXX LEO Opens Up about His Mental Condition; Announces Enlistment Plans

Nov 14, 2019

VIXX LEO Opens Up about His Mental Condition; Announces Enlistment Plans
LEO of K-pop boy group VIXX personally opened up about his mental health and shared his plans for the upcoming military enlistment.

On November 14, LEO took VIXX's official fan community to share a long letter to his fans, ST★RLIGHT.
LEOLEO said, "As you all know, I was born in 1990. I will be enlisting in the military a little later than normal on December 2. I will be serving as a public service worker, not as an active-duty."

He explained, "Fans who know a lot about me may already know the story, but I have been suffering from depression and severe panic disorder since VIXX's world tour fan meeting in November 2013. I have been taking medication to prevent my condition from getting worse up until now."

He went on, "During the seven or eight years with VIXX, there were many times when things were very difficult to the point that I wanted to stop. But I was able to stay strong and move forward thanks to ST★RLIGHT, my muse. I exist because of you."
LEOVIXX's management agency Jellyfish Entertainment also shared an official statement regarding LEO's enlistment.

The agency stated, "VIXX's LEO will start his alternative military service as a public service worker on December 2. LEO has been suffering from panic disorder and depression since 2013, and has tried to overcome it through medication."

The agency continued, "But he was inevitably declared to serve as a public service worker. Other details regarding him will remain private, as it is a personal matter. We are sorry that we were unable to show a healthy side of LEO. Please send him your warm support."

(Credit= Jellyfish Entertainment)

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