CL Hilariously Comments on BIGBANG TAEYANG's "Mature" Selfie

Nov 14, 2019

CL Hilariously Comments on BIGBANG TAEYANG's "Mature" Selfie
Former 2NE1 member CL's cute reaction to K-pop boy group BIGBANG member TAEYANG's new selfies made their fans burst into laughter.

On November 14, TAEYANG updated his personal Instagram account with some selfies of himself.
TAEYANGTAEYANG used a photo application to wear a fake beard and mustache, and he captioned, "Mature Bae."

It seems like CL was one of the hundreds who came across TAEYANG's "mature" selfies on Instagram feed, as she left the most hilarious comments on his post.
TAEYANGShe commented, "Nah, this is a no no!", and added, "Hurry up and just delete this already."

Of course, her cute comments caused laughter among fans―they commented, "Friendship goals.", "I feel you, unnie. I feel you.", "The cutest!", "Miss BIGBANG X 2NE1 days so much.", and more.
CL, TAEYANGMeanwhile, CL recently decided not to renew her contract with YG Entertainment, while TAEYANG came back to the agency following his recent military discharge on November 10.

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