TWICE MOMO Gives a Sassy Response to Haters

Nov 15, 2019

TWICE MOMO Gives a Sassy Response to Haters
MOMO of K-pop girl group TWICE fired back at haters during her recent live broadcast.

On November 14, MOMO held a live broadcast to interact with her fans while heading somewhere in a car.
MOMODuring the live broadcast, however, MOMO noticed some negative, malicious comments.

To this, MOMO said, "There are so many people who leave kind and loving comments, but aren't there a lot of weird ones as well?"

She continued, "Well, it's alright. It's just fun to know that there are people like that in this world too. The world is huge, and there are lots of different types of people, you know."
MOMOFellow TWICE member JIHYO joined and said, "I don't understand why those people would seek out what they hate and leave bad comments in the first place."

MOMO added, "It's because they're jealous."
MOMO, JIHYOUpon watching the live broadcast, fans commented, "That's our MOMO!", "Her answer's on point. Haters gonna hate.", "We love you tons, MOMO! Just ignore those haters.", and more.

(Credit= 'TWICE' V LIVE, JYP Entertainment)

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