Former Brave Girls YeJin Reveals the Shocking Reason Why She Quit Her Job

Nov 18, 2019

Former Brave Girls YeJin Reveals the Shocking Reason Why She Quit Her Job
K-pop girl group Brave Girls' former member YeJin shared the shocking reason why she left the group.

On November 17, YeJin shared a clip from her old live broadcast via her personal YouTube channel that she launched after her departure from Brave Girls.
YeJinDuring the live broadcast, YeJin revealed the real reason behind her decision to quit her entire career.

YeJin said, "There were a lot of reasons why I left Brave Girls, but I honestly felt my life was at stake. That ultimately triggered me to leave the industry."
YeJinShe continued, "There was this recently-hired road manager of ours. When we were on our way to work, I saw him playing a mobile game on his phone while driving in the rain. On the other day, he was seen driving with his left foot up on the dashboard when we were on a highway."

YeJin added that she wanted to share her experience hoping that others don't get harmed by ignorant staff members like him.
YeJinShe explained, "I told my parents that I was so scared for my life, and they notified this issue to my agency. However, they responded as if it is none of their business. So my parents and I agreed to leave the group. No parents would turn a blind eye to their daughter's life being threatened."

Meanwhile, YeJin left Brave Girls in 2016, and the group currently has four members―MinYoung, YuJeong, EunJi, and YuNa.

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