VIDEO: JEONGYEON Shares the First Impression of TWICE Members

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 19, 2019

VIDEO: JEONGYEON Shares the First Impression of TWICE Members
K-pop girl group TWICE's member JEONGYEON shared what her fellow members' first impression was like.

Recently, JEONGYEON's past video started going around online after one fan brought it back to the surface.

The video was of JEONGYEON talking about meeting her fellow members for the first time when they were still trainees at JYP Entertainment.

JEONGYEON started off by talking about NAYEON, "For some reason, NAYEON really caught my attention from the very beginning. At first, she wasn't that funny, but one day, she became hilarious. It almost felt as if she had hit her head somewhere or something."JEONGYEONShe continued, "MOMO and SANA started training at the same time and I don't think I cared about them that much. I just thought, 'Oh, they're cute.', and MINA joined us right before debut and I thought she was smart. Her Korean was excellent."

She went on, "CHAEYOUNG was small and had huge eyes. She looked amazing with short hair that everyone in our agency told her to continue keeping her hair short."JEONGYEONThen, JEONGYEON revealed that it took about six months for her to become close to JIHYO.

She said, "I first met JIHYO on the day when we had evaluation. During the evaluation, JIHYO found out that we were the same age. After that she came to me and excitedly said, 'Oh, we are the same age! We are friends!' But the thing was, I was a pretty introvert then. That's why it took us long to actually become close."

As for DAHYUN, JEONGYEON said, "DAHYUN had such a chubby face and body. She was adorable. Because she was slightly overweight though, our agency didn't allow her in to the building a lot of times. So, I only saw her like once a month."JEONGYEONLastly, she mentioned TZUYU, "TZUYU was super quiet. Recently, TZUYU told us something. Apparently, there was this time when we were practicing in another building, but the notice was only written in Korean.

TZUYU couldn't speak Korean tell at that time and didn't know that. When she got to the building where we usually practiced, there was nobody there. I regret not taking better care of her then."

Consisting of five members from Korea, three members from Japan and one member from Taiwan, TWICE made debut with 'OOH-AAH' in October 2015. 

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