Gang Dong Won Shares Why His Ex-girlfriend Dumped Him

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 19, 2019

Gang Dong Won Shares Why His Ex-girlfriend Dumped Him
Actor Gang Dong Won revealed that he also got dumped by his ex-lovers just like all other people in this world.

During one past interview, Gang Dong Won was randomly asked whether he had experience of getting his heartbroken.Gang Dong WonGang Dong Won laughed and answered, "Of course I do. It was back when I was a university sophomore. I got dumped."

In response to Gang Dong Won's unexpected answer, the reporter commented, "I'm surprised that you've ever even got dumped in your life. I'm curious about this woman who dumped you. Can you tell me a bit about her?"

Gang Dong Won responded, "Well, I was a fool then. I don't think I knew what I was doing. I was being too attached to her, which made her annoyed. She was still in high school at that time. I don't think she was old enough to cope with my obsession and clinginess as well, you know."Gang Dong WonThe actor continued, "Let me give you some examples. For instance, if she had purchased something new, I would say things like this to her, 'Why didn't you tell me you wanted that? I want to buy you that... The next time you want something, you have to tell me, okay?'"

He added, "I also would call her every evening around the time when she finished school and ask her if she needed me to walk back home. If she said no, I would beg her to let me take her home."

After telling the reporter the things he had done in the past, Gang Dong Won laughed for ages.Gang Dong Won(Credit= SBS funE)

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