TXT 'Magic Island' MV Director Praises Big Hit Ent.'s Input for the Best Output

Nov 19, 2019

TXT 'Magic Island' MV Director Praises Big Hit Ent.'s Input for the Best Output
The art director of K-pop boy group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT)'s new music video commented on the production process and its agency's incessant support for the project.

On November 18, the art director who took part in TXT's 'Magic Island' music video took her personal Instagram to share the overall production process and her thoughts.
TXT Magic IslandShe wrote, "Producers always hope for more financial support. It's not because they are greedy, but because the more support directly leads to more freedom in creation."

She continued, "Compared to music production, visual production is highly dependent on price.  A musician could either express a small, cute room or a broad horizon without any interference with finance through music, but those two creations mean so different to a visual director."
TXT Magic IslandLastly, the art director simply added, "Search TXT's 'Magic Island' on YouTube."

As many fans wondered what the art director exactly meant by this, she left another comment to make it all clear.

She wrote, "I just wanted to say thank you for letting me put enough money on this music video," complimenting Big Hit Entertainment's full support for the best outcome.
TXT Magic IslandUpon reading the art director's post, many fans are sharing the story and praising how supportive Big Hit Entertainment has been for the music video while the song is not even the title track of TXT's recent comeback.
TXT Magic IslandYou can watch TXT's 'Magic Island' music video below:

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