VIDEO: HyunA Thanks APRIL NAEUN for Her Sweetest Gift

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 19, 2019

VIDEO: HyunA Thanks APRIL NAEUN for Her Sweetest Gift
K-pop artist HyunA expressed gratitude to K-pop girl group APRIL's member NAEUN for her kindness.

On November 16, HyunA updated her Instagram with a new video with a purple heart in the caption.

The video was of her holding a small bag of cough drops with a cute sticker of NAEUN on it.NAEUNWhile holding the bag, HyunA happily told her followers, "Everyone, this beautiful girl gave me this. We shared a waiting room for a music show recording last week."

She continued, "Not only NAEUN looked much better in person than photos and videos, but she also had a good heart. Thank you for this. I'll enjoy it for sure!"


Hyun Ah(@hyunah_aa)님의 공유 게시물님,

Not long after HyunA uploaded the video, NAEUN came along and commented, "Oh my...! My heart is beating so fast. I'm feeling very nervous right now. Thank you."

Next to her comment, she put shy face emoji and orange heart as well.

Then, HyunA replied, "Thank you. I was feeling quite shy last week as well, actually...", also with shy face emoji.HyunA and NAEUNBack on November 10, HyunA had a comeback stage on SBS' music show 'Inkigayo' and NAEUN emceed for the show.

It is assumed that the two stars shared a waiting room then.

Fans are loving seeing their adorable online interaction.

(Credit= 'hyunah_aa' 'betterlee_0824' Instagram)

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