VIDEO: Fans Go Wild at Kang Daniel's Appearance in Hongdae

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 21, 2019

VIDEO: Fans Go Wild at Kang Daniel's Appearance in Hongdae
K-pop artist Kang Daniel has once again proven his immense popularity by flooding the streets of Hongdae with fans.

On November 20, Kang Daniel went out to the streets of Hongdae to have a special street interview with KBS' television show 'Entertainment Weekly'.Kang DanielKang DanielHongdae is one of the busiest districts in Seoul, especially renowned for its youthful atmosphere.

When Kang Daniel made a surprise appearance there, the passers-by were all stunned, and a huge crowd quickly formed around him.
Kang DanielThere were so many people that it was almost impossible for anyone including Kang Daniel, interviewer, filming crew and fans to move from one place to another.

Each one of them was screaming loud and trying to see and film Kang Daniel close as well.Kang DanielLater that day, many people shared their photos and videos of Kang Daniel in Hongdae.

Almost all of them mentioned how crowded Hongdae was because of Kang Daniel, and also how handsome and tall he was.
Meanwhile, Kang Daniel is scheduled to release his new album 'TOUCHIN' on November 25.

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