BTS V Spotted at the Airport with His Dog Yeontan

Nov 22, 2019

BTS V Spotted at the Airport with His Dog Yeontan
V of K-pop boy group BTS was spotted at the airport with his adorable dog 'Yeontan'.

On November 21, the members of BTS arrived at Gimpo International Airport for their flight to Japan.

Fans and reporters who were waiting at the airport to see BTS welcomed not only the seven members but also the eighth member of BTS―Yeontan!
V, YeontanV, YeontanJust before heading inside the airport, V handed Yeontan off to a staff member, but he made sure that his dog was nice and comfortable in his car seat.
V, YeontanAlthough Yeontan did not take the flight with his dad and uncles, fans shared how cute it is to see Yeontan sending them off at the airport.
V, YeontanThey commented, "Yeontan's first-ever airport appearance! How cute is that!", "Tannie (Yeontan's nickname) is indeed the eighth member of BTS.", "Awww, just look at these two.", and more.

Meanwhile, BTS is scheduled to hold its fan meeting 'VOL.5 [Magic Shop]' at Zozo Marine Stadium, Japan, on November 23 and 24. 
(Credit= Online Community, 'kim177117ji' Twitter)

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