Park Min Young·Han Ye Seul·DINDIN·Anne-Marie Pay Tribute to Koo Ha Ra

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 25, 2019

Park Min Young·Han Ye Seul·DINDIN·Anne-Marie Pay Tribute to Koo Ha Ra
Singer/actress Koo Ha Ra's celebrity friends sorrowed over her death.

In the evening of November 24, Koo Ha Ra was found dead at her home in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Police are currently investigating to determine the cause of Koo Ha Ra's death, working off the assumption that she took her own life.Koo Ha RaFollowing her death, some of her celebrity friends, including actresses Park Min Young, Han Ye Seul, hip-hop artist DIN DIN, English singer Anne-Marie paid tribute to Koo Ha Ra via social media.

Park Min YoungKoo Ha Ra"I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to be with you on your last day here. I'll always remember you as my cute little Ha Ra. Goodbye."

Han Ye SeulKoo Ha Ra"This breaks my heart, rest in peace."

DIN DINKoo Ha Ra"Ha Ra, when I started gaining public's attention, you worried about me and asked me to contact you anytime if things were too hard for me. You were a true beauty. I feel terrible that I couldn't be there for you. This world makes me so furious, but I will hope for the best for you. Be happy over there. I'm sorry and thank you."

Koo Ha Ra"Rest in peace, Koo Ha Ra."

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