Lee Seung Gi Shares How Difficult Life Can Be as a Celebrity

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 25, 2019

Lee Seung Gi Shares How Difficult Life Can Be as a Celebrity
Singer/actor Lee Seung Gi revealed that life as a celebrity can be uneasy at times.

Recently, Lee Seung Gi sat down for an interview with the press.

During the interview, one reporter commented on Lee Seung Gi's surprisingly stable-looking mental state for the past 15 years that he had been in the entertainment industry.

Lee Seung Gi responded, "Well, I believe every celebrity goes through periods when they are really mentally unstable. They all affect them differently."Lee Seung GiThen, Lee Seung Gi confessed that he in fact had gone through very hard times as well.

Lee Seung Gi said, "I had gone through difficulties myself not only once, but multiple times, too. I felt extremely unstable soon after my debut and before I joined '2 Day & 1 Night'. It came around me before I entered the military as well."

He continued, "The thing is, I never overcame those hardships. I just hung tough through the times when they hit me hard."Lee Seung GiSeveral seconds after losing himself in thoughts, Lee Seung Gi said that the military helped him a lot.

He said, "I was able to recharge myself in the military though. There, I gained confidence and energy that helped me keep going. What I did was to keep trying finding a new way out before reaching a dead end."Lee Seung Gi(Credit= 'leeseunggi.official' Instagram)

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