'VAGABOND' Production Company Talks About the Possibility of Season 2

Nov 25, 2019

'VAGABOND' Production Company Talks About the Possibility of Season 2
The production company of SBS' drama 'VAGABOND' gave an answer to questions about the possibility of launching the drama's season 2.

On November 23, the final episode of 'VAGABOND' was aired with an open ending, raising the viewers' anticipation towards the drama's second season.
VAGABONDThen on November 24, a source from Celltrion Entertainment, the production company of 'VAGABOND' gave an answer during his/her interview with OSEN.

The source stated, "The production period (for 'VAGABOND') was very long, so everyone's feeling both relieved and sad. The production process took about 11 months, and if you count the pre-production stage, it's a lot longer than that."
VAGABONDHe/she continued, "The drama was initially planned and produced with a second season in mind. However, the season 2 has not been confirmed yet, and is currently being reviewed. We are checking the schedules of the cast, screenwriters, and directors of the drama."
VAGABONDThe production company also shared the team's sincere gratitude for the entire cast and staff members of 'VAGABOND'.

They said, "The lead actors were tied to the project for 11 months. During the 40 days or so spent filming overseas, they all stayed together really well. It was fun because everyone filmed harmoniously and no one was unsociable. We are thankful to all the staff members and actors."

(SBS Star)