Animal Rights Organization Shares How Koo Ha Ra Helped Abandoned Dogs

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 26, 2019

Animal Rights Organization Shares How Koo Ha Ra Helped Abandoned Dogs
Korea Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) shared a heartwarming story of how late singer/actress Koo Ha Ra helped some dogs that had nowhere to go.

On November 26, KARA took to their social media to share a post about three dogs who happened to be found in a luggage bag in front of one of their shelters a couple of years ago.Koo Ha Ra helps dogsThey said, "Their previous owner left Taeyang, Heemang and Boram in front of our shelter when they were just puppies. They were inside a luggage bag. Despite that, they loved being around people. They used to stay around the gate, waiting for people to come."

They went on, "One day, Koo Ha Ra came to volunteer at this shelter and was immensely welcomed by these guys. On that day, she asked us what she could do to help Taeyang, Heemang and Boram."Koo Ha Ra helps dogsThen, the organization explained that Koo Ha Ra funded neutering them and also went out of her way to post photos of them on social media to find their new homes.

They continued, "Not long after that, Taeyang, Heemang and Boram successfully found their new cozy homes. Koo Ha Ra had the kindest heart. She gave us a big help as well. We hope that she will rest in peace."Koo Ha Ra helps dogsKoo Ha Ra helps dogsPreviously on November 24, Koo Ha Ra was found dead at her home in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Police are currently investigating to determine the exact cause of Koo Ha Ra's death, working off the assumption that she took her own life.

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