VIDEO: SuperM Members Share Their Next Big Goal

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 27, 2019

VIDEO: SuperM Members Share Their Next Big Goal
The members of K-pop boy group SuperM shared how they felt about their debut mini album hitting #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart as well as their next big goal.

On November 26 episode of SBS television show 'Han Bam', SuperM's recent interview was unveiled.

The interview was held at Madison Square Garden in New York City, the United States, a couple of hours before the group's arena tour 'WE ARE THE FUTURE' began.

At the start of the interview, 'Han Bam' reporter congratulated SuperM members on their noteworthy achievement―debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart with their mini album released on October 4.SuperMWith a smile, KAI commented, "When we found out about that we were at the very top of the Billboard 200 albums chart, we all screamed. We were thrilled, you know. To be honest, it's still being processed in my head; it's just so hard to believe."

BAEKHYUN added, "We've all been in the K-pop industry for some time. With each of our experience and skills together, we had made one great team."SuperMWhen asked what SuperM's next big goal was, BAEHYUN answered, "I don't know whether we'll ever be able to do this, but..."

He chuckled and continued, "We would like to perform at the Super Bowl (the annual championship game of the National Football League) one day. That would make us the first Korean act to perform at the event, and that would be amazing."

Meanwhile, SuperM is currently going around cities in the United States for 'WE ARE THE FUTURE'.

(Credit= SBS Han Bam, SM Entertainment)

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