Fans Express Concern over SEVENTEEN JEONGHAN's Health

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 27, 2019

Fans Express Concern over SEVENTEEN JEONGHAN's Health
Fans are worried about JEONGHAN of K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN's health.

Since September, SEVENTEEN has been busily going around the world for its concert tour 'Ode to You'.

Not only does its concert lasts for almost four straight hours, but SEVENTEEN also has to go from a city to another on a plane every couple of days.

When CARAT (the name of SEVENTEEN's fandom) started to show concern over the group's extremely tight schedule, they noticed JEONGHAN already getting affected by it.

JEONGHAN was seen not being able to stand, walk or dance properly not only once, but multiple times.
SEVENTEENThen on November 16, JEONGHAN withdrew from the concert in Jakarta, Indonesia in the middle of it.

At that time, SEVENTEEN's management agency PLEDIS Entertainment released a notice that said, "We are sorry to annouce that JEONGHAN will not be able to take part in today's concert anymore as he is not feeling too well right now."SEVENTEENAgain on the second day of 'Ode to You' in Bangkok, Thailand on November 24, JEONGHAN opted out from several performances.

During the concert, JEONGHAN told fans, "Unfortunately, I'm feeling slightly unwell today. As a lot of our performances involve powerful movements, I will have to opt out from some performances."

He continued, "I know a lot of you are worried about me. I'm seriously fine though. I just get a bit dizzy when I dance too energetically. Please don't worry. Anyway, I'm so sorry about this, everyone."
Currently, fans are demanding PLEDIS Entertainment to give JEONGHAN and SEVENTEEN plenty of rest.

(Credit= PLEDIS Entertainment, 'like_a_wind08' 'MINHYNN_' Twitter, 'carat_wrld' Instagram)

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