Koo Ha Ra's Brother Share His Text Conversation with the Singer

By  Lee Narin  | Nov 28, 2019

Koo Ha Ra's Brother Share His Text Conversation with the Singer
Singer/actress Koo Ha Ra's older brother shared his text conversation with the singer before her passing.

On November 27, Koo Ha Ra's brother updated his Instagram with screenshots of his text conversation with Koo Ha Ra.

In the first screenshot, Koo's brother said, "I'll bring lots of delicious things with me tomorrow to cook for you!"

Koo Ha Ra answered, "Okies!", then later sent him cute selfies that they took together.Koo Ha RaThe next one showed their conversation after Koo Ha Ra's good friend singer/actress Sulli passed away last month.

At that time, Koo Ha Ra was staying in Japan, and it seemed like her brother was extremely worried about her.

He told her, "Ha Ra, I beg you not to do anything silly. Take care of yourself well, okay? I honestly hope you will be happy for the rest of your life. Remember that there are many more years ahead of you. You can get married, have children..."

He continued, "When you feel sad though, just cry. Cry as much as you like. I know the sadness will still remain there after that, but... I love you, sister."Koo Ha RaHa Ra replied to his message right away, "I love you, oppa. Don't worry about me."

Then, her brother responded, "I can't even imagine how this whole situation might all feel for you right now. It's so sad for me as well. Eat well and stay strong."

Their loving conversation as well as the way he had saved Koo Ha Ra as 'My sister♥' showed how close they were.

Under this post, Koo's brother wrote, "Thank you for giving her so much love. Miss you, Ha Ra."Koo Ha RaPreviously on November 24, Koo Ha Ra was found dead by her housekeeper at her home in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Following an investigation, police concluded that she took her own life.

(Credit= MBC, Koo Ha Ra's brother's Instagram)

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