SUNMI Loses a Hundred of Instagram Followers Because of J.Y. Park?

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 2, 2019

SUNMI Loses a Hundred of Instagram Followers Because of J.Y. Park?
K-pop artist SUNMI lost about a hundred of Instagram followers because of singer/JYP Entertainment head J.Y. Park.

On December 1, SUNMI shared a photo of J.Y. Park on her Instagram.

The photo was of J.Y. Park making a cute(?) pose on a couch, looking straight into SUNMI's camera.

Along with the photo, SUNMI wrote, "J.Y. Park's new song 'Fever' is out, everyone. You should listen to it! By the way, he's having a concert soon as well."SUNMI and J.Y. ParkApproximately a minute later, SUNMI left a hilarious comment under the photo.

SUNMI wrote, "I've lost about a hundred followers in a minute since I uploaded this picture."

She continued, "Chill out. I didn't mean to scare you guys."SUNMI and J.Y. ParkThen a couple of hours later, J.Y. Park uploaded a screenshot of SUNMI's Instagram post on his Instagram.
In the caption, J.Y. Park wrote, "SUNMI, I heard that there were people who unfollowed you after you uploaded this. Sorry, sister."

SUNMI replied, "I'm really angry right now..."SUNMI and J.Y. ParkSUNMI debuted under JYP Entertainment as a member of K-pop girl group Wonder Girls in 2007.

Despite SUNMI's departure from the agency at the end of her contract in 2017, it seemed like SUNMI and J.Y. Park are still good friends with each other.

At the moment, everybody is laughing about this funny situation of SUNMI losing so many of her followers due to one single photo of J.Y. Park, and SUNMI and J.Y. Park's funny response to it.

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