Ryan Reynolds Becomes a New Member of EXO?

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 3, 2019

Ryan Reynolds Becomes a New Member of EXO?
American actor Ryan Reynolds shared some photos with K-pop boy group EXO with hilarious comments.

On December 2, Ryan Reynolds attended a press conference for Netflix's movie '6 Underground' where EXO was also invited.EXONot long after the event, Ryan Reynolds shared photos he had taken with EXO on his Instagram.

Along with the photos, he wrote in a playful manner, "I'm in the band. No, for serious. The security guard who tasered me was part of a carefully choreographed sequence me and the guys have been working on from our basement studio in my imagination."EXOThen, a couple of hours later, Ryan Reynolds posted another photo of himself with EXO on his Twitter.

This time, he had photoshopped his short dark brown hair to purple long hair that matched EXO members' colorful hair.

Here, Ryan Reynolds once again jokingly wrote, "Thrilled to be EXO's newest member. I might not be able to dance or sing, but one thing's for sure: I have no idea how to give the 'thumbs up' sign. Honestly, I never learned it."EXOPreviously, CHANYEOL uploaded a photo of him and Ryan Reynolds on his Instagram as well.

At that time, CHANYEOL expressed his happiness in the caption, "I'm the luckiest fan out there."EXOMeanwhile, EXO released its sixth album 'OBSESSION' on November 27.

(Credit= 'real__pcy' 'vancityreynolds' Instagram, 'VancityReynolds' Twitter)

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