Hong Jong Hyun Talks About What Kim Woo Bin Said Before His Enlistment

Dec 3, 2019

Hong Jong Hyun Talks About What Kim Woo Bin Said Before His Enlistment
Actor Hong Jong Hyun shared what his friend actor Kim Woo Bin said to him before sending him off for his military enlistment.

On December 2, Hong Jong Hyun enlisted as an active-duty at the Nonsan Recruit Training Center in Chungcheongnam-do.
Hong Jong Hyun (Yonhap)Just before entering the training center, Hong Jong Hyun spent some time to share a few words to his fans and the press.

Hong Jong Hyun said, "I honestly didn't feel comfortable because soldiers who are much younger than me were having a tough time. Though I'm late, I'm glad I can go."

He continued, "It doesn't feel real just yet. My friends told me that I will get used to it after spending a couple of days there. I'm nervous and anxious at the same time, but I will definitely live a healthy life in there."
Hong Jong Hyun (Yonhap)Hong Jong Hyun also revealed that the last person he met before his military enlistment was no other than his good friend, Kim Woo Bin.

He said, "Kim Woo Bin is getting ready to make his comeback while I'm also facing a fresh start, so we met up and encouraged each other. He was worried about me, and he also cheered me on."

He went on, "A lot of people sent me supportive messages and expressed worries. I'm beyond thankful for the support. I will return as a healthier person after receiving my training. I'll be back soon."
Hong Jong HyunMeanwhile, Hong Jong Hyun and Kim Woo Bin both started their career as models, made their actor debut, and co-starred in a 2011 sitcom 'Vampire Idol'.

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