"It's Too Much. I'm So Tired" Kang Daniel Posts Alarming Messages Online

Dec 4, 2019

"It's Too Much. I'm So Tired" Kang Daniel Posts Alarming Messages Online
Singer Kang Daniel's fans are concerned for his well-being after he uploaded posts confessing he has been struggling from all the malicious comments online.

On December 3, Kang Daniel took his official fan community to share multiple posts to his fans.
Kang DanielIn the posts, Kang Daniel talks about how he has endured hateful comments ever since his Wanna One days until this day as he tries to continue his career as a solo artist.

He also confesses that everything has been so difficult, and it has gotten to a point where he cannot take it any longer, and points out that everything he does has become a source of ridicule.
Kang DanielKang Daniel wrote, "Ever since I was a part of a group, I endured all situations and all kinds of malicious rumors. Even this year, and even just last week, I have been enduring it all by myself. But now, I'm so tired. I'm having a difficult time."

In another post, he wrote, "I know how everyone is cursing me out every single day. I know what kinds of malicious comments they are using to curse me out. I know how they are judging my life by a couple of phrases and false rumors. I know how I've lived my life. I have endured it all too much. Honestly. I'm too tired now."
Kang DanielKang Daniel has faced incessant amount of malicious rumors ever since his 'Produce 101 Season 2' days, but he has been bombarded by malicious comments even more after since he decided to leave his former agency and stand up on his own.

Upon reading his posts uploaded in the fan community, fans claimed that his staff members and friends should keep a close watch on him as this was their first time seeing him posting alarming messages online and expressing his insecurity.

They commented, "This is a cry for help. I feel sorry for him.", "He is also a human being that needs to be protected. He's never done anything wrong.", "I hope that everyone around him can give him support and encouragement. Daniel, it's okay not to be okay.", and more.

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