Jay Park Buys Shots for Everyone at 'SEXY 4EVA' After Party in His Hometown

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 4, 2019

Jay Park Buys Shots for Everyone at 'SEXY 4EVA' After Party in His Hometown
Korean-American hip-hop artist Jay Park bought shots for everyone who went to 'SEXY 4EVA' after party in Seattle, the United States.

On December 1 (local time), Jay Park's world tour 'SEXY 4EVA' took place at Showbox SoDo in his hometown Seattle.Jay ParkAt the very end of the concert, Jay Park made a surprise announcement that made fans scream at the top of their lungs in joy.

He said, "When I said I was going to buy shots for the whole city, I was not lying. I bought 20 bottles of tequila for everybody here!"
Jay Park was referring to his Instagram post that he uploaded a couple of days back.

The post was an image announcing an after party following his concert in Seattle.

In the caption, he said, "Having an after party at 'Q Nightclub'. I'm buying shots for the whole city." with some emojis that showed his great excitement.Jay ParkThen on December 2, Jay Park shared a photo of a receipt that had a total amount of 10,239 dollars on his Instagram.

Along with this photo, he wrote, "Yes, I bought shots for everybody."Jay ParkLater on this day, Jay Park also posted a photo from his concert in Seattle taken with his crew.

He wrote, "Sold out merchandise, sold out the show, but soul still intact. Seattle, thank you for making me feel special. I will continue to try to represent us the best way I possibly can. Thank you to all the artists that pulled up. We are one awesome city with some awesome artists."

He carried on, "I asked the staff at 'Q Nightclub' if anybody else had ever bought shots for the whole fully-packed club before. They said, 'You are the first one.' Hope everybody had fun. A lot of love and good energy yesterday. Thank you for letting me take part."Jay ParkMeanwhile, Jay Park is planned to take 'SEXY 4EVA' to New Zealand and Australia next month.

(Credit= 'AusJwalkerz' Twitter, 'jparkitrighthere' Instagram)

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