IU Looks Back on 2019 & Shares Her Goal for 2020

Dec 4, 2019

IU Looks Back on 2019 & Shares Her Goal for 2020
Singer/actress IU took a moment to look back on her 2019 and share her new goal for 2020.

On December 4, HIGH CUT magazine released new pictorials for its upcoming issue featuring IU as the cover model.
IUWith the theme of 'Merry Pink Christmas with IU', IU stood in front of a blush-pink background and showed off her pure, angelic charms.

During the interview followed by her photo shoot, IU share what the year 2019 means to her.
IUIU said, "Surprisingly, everything that I had hoped for this year came true. I got so much love from the drama 'Hotel Del Luna', and the album that I was preparing for a long time safely came out to the world. I was also able to finish big concerts in success. It was truly an amazing year when I was rewarded for all the hard work I put in."
IUWhen asked about how she could be loved by many while keeping her own color, IU said, "
There may be reasons that cannot be explained in detail, but I would like to choose the 'timing' as a reason. What messages I wanted to deliver through my album and what listeners wanted to hear from me matched well, thankfully."
IUIn regard to her goals for next year, IU revealed that her ultimate goal is to become closer to her fans.

She said, "I want to become a better friend to all of my good friends (referring to her fans). I hope we can get along well next year."
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