Court Denies Minzy's Request to Terminate Contract with The Music Works

Dec 4, 2019

Court Denies Minzy's Request to Terminate Contract with The Music Works
The court has denied disbanded K-pop girl group 2NE1's member Minzy's request for an injuction to suspend her exclusive contract with The Music Works.

On December 4, it was reported that the court denied Minzy's request for an injunction―signifying that her exclusive contract with The Music Works will remain as is.
MinzyFollowing the report, a source from The Music Works told media, "It is true that Minzy's request for an injunction to suspend her exclusive contract has been denied. We will try our best to reach an amicable agreement with her by seeking solutions through extensive conversations with her."
MinzyThen on December 4, Minzy has spoken up about the dispute with the agency by sharing her statement on her personal Instagram.

Minzy explained that the agency promised at least four albums per year and to provide as much support as possible, but she ended up releasing only one album for the past four years with the agency.

Minzy wrote, "I think I will have to enter a new legal dispute with my agency that will not be a short one. [...] I have not been shown the statement of accounts a single time, and did not receive any of profits."

She continued, "More than money, the most important thing to me is to be able to continue promoting as a singer. I wished to resolve quickly by settling with the agency or through and injunction, but it apparently did not go smoothly, so now I can only take legal action in order for the truth to be revealed."
MinzyMinzy assured her fans that she will handle this matter with strength and overcome this hard time, showing diligent and confident side of herself both on and off stage.

Debuted as a member of 2NE1 under YG Entertainment in 2009, Minzy left the agency in 2016 and joined The Music Works to promote as a solo artist.

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