EXO KAI Reveals What His Role Is Among His Group of Best Friends

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 5, 2019

EXO KAI Reveals What His Role Is Among His Group of Best Friends
K-pop boy group EXO's member KAI revealed that he is the funniest one out of his group of best friends.

On December 4 episode of MBC's talk show 'Radio Star', EXO was invited to join the talk.

During the talk, KAI talked about his group of best friends―TAEMIN of SHINee, JIMIN of BTS, RAVI of VIXX, Ha Sung Woon and Kim Timoteo of HOTSHOT and non-celebrity friend Kwon-ho.KAI, JIMIN, TAEMINKAI said, "JIMIN, TAEMIN and I are very much alike. We have a similar personality and taste in things. Out of seven of us including myself though, I'm the funniest one."

Right after KAI said this, the rest of EXO members as well as the hosts made a skeptical face.

Then, his fellow member CHEN responded, "On what basis do you make such a statement?"

KAI laughingly answered, "Just ask them. They will tell you."

He continued, "The members of EXO are hilarious. I think I learned those wits and sense of humor from them. So, when I'm with my friends, I play the role of a funny guy."KAI, JIMIN, TAEMINAfterwards, one of the hosts Kim Goo-ra asked CHEN if he thought KAI was funny.

CHEN's answer made everyone in the studio burst into laughter; CHEN immediately shook his head and told Kim Goo-ra, "No, not at all."KAI, JIMIN, TAEMIN(Credit= Mnet Wanna One Go, Online Community, 'gooreumseng' Instagram)

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