BTS SUGA Sings about Self-hate & Dream in 'SUGA's Interlude': Translation

Dec 6, 2019

BTS SUGA Sings about Self-hate & Dream in 'SUGA's Interlude': Translation
SUGA of K-pop boy group BTS delivered his words of hope and positivity through his new collaboration song with American singer Halsey―'SUGA's Interlude'.

On December 6 (KST), Halsey dropped her new album 'Manic' and released a video of 'SUGA's Interlude' on her official YouTube channel.
Halsey, SUGAAfter joining BTS' 'Boy With Luv' as a featuring artist earlier this year, Halsey has now teamed up with the group's talented producer SUGA for an emotional interlude.

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The song's lyrics tell the story of chasing one's dream and facing the reality without losing hopes.

SUGA sang and rapped his part in Korean, and he opened up about his insecurity and self-hate with honest words.
Halsey, SUGAHere is the full English translation of SUGA's part in 'SUGA's Interlude':

[Verse 1]

My head is only filled with the color blue and wanders around

Self-hatred and vanity live deep inside my heart

I, full of dreams, grew up to have all my dreams come true

But I'm living at the same time thinking that keeping dreams as only dreams is better

Hoping that my leap would not be my fall

I believe that your convictions, efforts, beliefs, and even greed are not ugly nor dirty

Though the dawn right before the sunrise is darker than anything

Never forget that the stars that you longed for can only rise in darkness

[Verse 2]

Sometimes I wonder if I'm walking on the right path

What else will be there if I run endlessly towards the end of the tunnel, is it right to do so in the first place

Honestly, it's different from the future I hoped for, but that doesn't matter

Now it's the matter of survival, it doesn't matter how it goes

Yeah, yeah

Things might be different from what you wanted

Things you live for as well as things you love might change

That's true

Yeah, so, are you gonna move?

We are too young to drag our feet, so let's try crashing into it

So, what you gonna do? 

(Credit= Big Hit Entertainment, 'Halsey' YouTube) 

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