Fans Warmly Welcome Kim Woo Bin's Return at His Fan Meeting

Dec 9, 2019

Fans Warmly Welcome Kim Woo Bin's Return at His Fan Meeting
Actor Kim Woo Bin finally reunited with his long-awaited fans after his hiatus of almost three years.

On December 8, Kim Woo Bin held his fan meeting '2019 KIM WOO BIN Thank You' at SMTOWN Theatre, Seoul.
Kim Woo Bin fan meetingThe fan meeting was the first official event for Kim Woo Bin to greet his fans up close since he announced his indefinite hiatus in May 2017 to focus on his recovery from nasopharynx cancer.

In the format of a talk show, Kim Woo Bin and his fans shared how they've been up to and made warm memories together throughout the event.
Kim Woo Bin fan meetingKim Woo Bin's good friends―actors Lee Kwang Soo, Lim Ju Hwan, and Kim Ki Bang―made a surprise appearance on the stage to show their full support for Kim Woo Bin's return.

Not only the audience but also Kim Woo Bin himself was surprised by the guests, and they revealed fun stories about Kim Woo Bin and shared laughter with his fans.
Kim Woo Bin fan meetingKim Woo Bin fan meetingKim Woo Bin said, "I have been waiting for this very moment to meet fans for the first time in about three years. It was even warmer, more fun, and more joyful than I thought it would be."

He continued, "I wanted to share a lot of stories with you all since it had been so long, but I don't know if they reached you properly. From now on, I will greet you and share my news more often. Thank you so much for your valuable time."

Meanwhile, all profits from the fan meeting will be donated to help child cancer patients.

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