Park Ji Hoon Mentions His Ongoing Friendship with Wanna One Members

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 9, 2019

Park Ji Hoon Mentions His Ongoing Friendship with Wanna One Members
K-pop artist Park Ji Hoon mentioned his ongoing friendship with the members of disbanded K-pop project boy group Wanna One.

On December 6 episode of MBC's television show 'Section TV', Park Ji Hoon's recent interview was unveiled.Park Ji HoonDuring the interview, Park Ji Hoon was asked which celebrity friends he keeps in touch often.

Park Ji Hoon said, "I frequently keep in touch with Park Woo Jin of AB6IX. We actually go to the same gym. So, we would sometimes grab something to eat together after working out."

He added, "I talk to Bae Jin Young of CIX quite a lot as well."Park Ji HoonThen on December 9 during MBC FM4U's live radio show 'Kim Shin-young's Music Party', Park Ji Hoon mentioned other Wanna One members.

Park Ji Hoon said, "Lee Dae Hwi of AB6IX produced 'Young 20' for my first album. But for my new album this time, Kim Jae Hwan made a song for me. It's titled 'That Is Strange' (literal translation). He told me that he wanted to give me this song for ages."Park Ji HoonWhen asked who he wanted to receive a song from next, Park Ji Hoon said, "I featured in one of Ha Sung Woon's songs in the past. So, I would like to get a song from him for my following album."Park Ji HoonMeanwhile, Wanna One officially wrapped up the group's promotion with its final concert 'Therefore' in January after promoting for 18 months since August 2017.

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