Big Hit Entertainment Responds to Report About the Agency Having a Dispute with BTS

Dec 10, 2019

Big Hit Entertainment Responds to Report About the Agency Having a Dispute with BTS
K-pop boy group BTS' management agency Big Hit Entertainment firmly denied a news report about the agency having a dispute with BTS members.

On December 9, JTBC reported that the members of BTS are currently having conflicts with the agency in regard to their profit distribution and their exclusive contract.
JTBC News RoomFollowing the news report, Big Hit Entertainment issued an official statement and expressed their deepest regret over JTBC's report.
JTBC News RoomThe agency said, "Currently, BTS members and their parents are not planning on taking legal action against our agency. The agency and BTS are currently in talks about matters that do not affect BTS' exclusive contract, and if they (JTBC) exaggerated the issue to make it seem like there is a huge dispute, then it does not follow the order of the matter."

Big Hit Entertainment emphasized that the position presented on the statement is shared by BTS members, their parents, and the agency.

The agency continued, "The members' parents did consult with a law firm two months ago about some parts of the exclusive contract (related to the video content business), but we confirmed that this did not progress into an official request nor the law firm gave an official consultation to them."

They explained, "We have been actively encouraging BTS members and their parents to seek counsel from accountants, lawyers, and other professionals on matters to finance, settlements, legislation, and others. The value of BTS is skyrocketing every day, and as a team and as individuals, it is natural for them to seek external professional consultations."
BTSBig Hit Entertainment added that they renewed the members' exclusive contract after a long discussion between the two parties, and proceeded with the most exemplary contract renewal in the entertainment industry.

The agency firmly stated JTBC made exaggerated claims without checking the facts properly, and revealed that the reporters intruded into Big Hit Entertainment building without an access card and used footage filmed inside without permission for their broadcast.

They stated, "We believe that JTBC reported without following even the most basic procedures (of reporting), and we demand a sincere apology and response from JTBC."

(Credit= JTBC News Room, Big Hit Entertainment)

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