Jung Hae In Cries While Eating Street Food in NYC for a Hilarious Reason

By  Lee Narin  | Dec 10, 2019

Jung Hae In Cries While Eating Street Food in NYC for a Hilarious Reason
Actor Jung Hae In was spotted crying while eating street food in New York City, the United States for a hilarious reason.

Recently, the first episode of KBS' television show 'Jung Hae In's Following the Walk' (literal title) was unveiled.

In this episode, Jung Hae In traveled to New York City and walked around the Big Apple by himself.Jung Hae InAs Jung Hae In got hungry in the evening, he headed a food truck where it sold Halal food.

When he ordered his food, he specifically asked for a lot of hot sauce to take away with him, explaining that he loved spicy food.

Jung Hae In then sat on a bench nearby and poured all the hot sauce packets he had on to his food.Jung Hae InAfter having some though, Jung Hae In said, "This is so good, but I need more hot sauce."

So, he got up and went over to the food truck to ask for more hot sauce.

The guy at the food truck kindly poured a great amount of hot sauce over his food.Jung Hae InAfterwards, Jung Hae In returned to the bench with a smile, then tried his food again.

He said, "Wow, it's extremely spicy now. It's super good though. I love it."

A couple of moments later, however, Jung Hae In's face started turning red, and he even teared up.
Jung Hae InHe commented while wiping tears off his cheeks, "Okay, the spice hits you hard a bit later. Here's my advice: don't be too greedy with your hot sauce."

(Credit= KBS Jung Hae In's Following the Walk)

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